National Teams

National Teams

National Teams Highlights

  • The US National Teams U17 and U18 adopted the Hockey IntelliGym since 2009-10
  • On average, the players increased their number of goals and assists by 42% after 8 weeks of using the IntelliGym.
  • The wins ratio of both teams more than doubled itself within that season
  • Eight cohorts have already used the Hockey IntelliGym over a period of eight years, winning 28 gold medals in international tournaments, including 7 (!!) IIHF World Championships
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We’ve given young players the ultimate assist!

Hockey sense. Elusive and unteachable– either you have it, or you don’t... until NOW. And yet – it is an indispensable skill if you wish to succeed on the ice.

The leadership of USA Hockey, responsible for the game’s continuous evolution in the U.S. and for the development of its best players, was thrilled to discover that perhaps hockey sense can be improved, with the proper technology to cultivate players’ minds.

Enter Applied Cognitive Engineering (ACE), the world’s leader in training minds to literally grow new instincts.  This team of cognitive psychologists, computer engineers, and game theorists originally developed their award-winning software to train precise instincts in military fighter pilots. ACE’s program, demilitarized and rebranded as the IntelliGym™, was then adapted to the game of basketball, with stunned coaches reporting a 30% increase in player stats and team wins.

We then approached ACE about adapting the technology once more, integrating its cutting edge brain science expertise with the hockey know-how provided by USA Hockey. If anyone could actively cultivate hockey sense, it would be this team of experts. And guess what? We did.

Our cross-disciplinary team first focused on research, and then further developed the product on the ice with helpful feedback from our emerging players with the NTDP. The results became immediately clear.  In January 2010, the U17 team won the World U17 Hockey Challenge, beating teams from Canada, Russia, Sweden and the Czech Republic. That same year, the U18 team increased their win ratio from 29% to 70% after only ten IntelliGym™ training sessions, eventually winning the IIHF World U18 Championship – skating all the way to a gold medal.

Two years, two million dollars, and dozens of experts since face-off, we can say with confidence that the IntelliGym™ program is set to help coaches and their players dominate the ice, play safer, and gain an indisputable strategic edge. The National teams achieved unprecedented success with players in the '92, '93, '94 and '95 birth years finishing first in 13 international tournaments, including four concecutive IIHF U18 World Championships.

USA Hockey Annual Congress, CS, 2010

The NTDP U17 team was the first to adopt the Hockey IntelliGym™. After 10 training sessions, on average, results started showing on the ice. The graph on the left compares total wins ratio prior to completing 10 training sessions, and after that point in time.

US NTDP U17, before and after 10 Hockey IntelliGym™ training sessions


USA Hockey Annual Congress, CS, 2010 The NTDP U18 team adopted the Hockey IntelliGym™ after the U17 did. After 10 training sessions per player, on average, results started showing on the ice. The graph on the left compares total wins ratio prior to completing 10 training sessions, and after that point in time.
US NTDP U18, before and after 10 Hockey IntelliGym™ training sessions


USA Hockey Annual Congress, CS, 2010 The NTDP is a very advanced program. It works with the athletes on every angle of their game. From nutrition to tactics, and from power skating to physical training. The facilities are great, and the coaching staff is top of the line. So it is only natural to expect the teams to improve along the year. And indeed they do. However, 2009-2010 was different. The graph on the left compares the improvement during the season of NTDP teams from previous years to that of the 2009-10 U18 team.
  NTDP U18 intra-season improvement, over a few years


USA Hockey Annual Congress, CS, 2010
All teams change throughout the season regardless of their starting point. Strong teams and weak teams can improve or decline. The graph above shows the combined improvement of the NTDP teams (U17 and U18) in 2007-08 compared to their competition. The graph below demonstrates this same comparison for the 2008-09 season.
USA Hockey Annual Congress, CS, 2010
NTDP teams (U17 and U18) in 2008-09 compared to their competition


USA Hockey Annual Congress, CS, 2010 Here we see the comparison of improvement of both NTDP teams to their competition during the 2009-10 season after training with The Hockey IntelliGym™.
NTDP teams (U17 and U18) in 2009-10 compared to their competition


60-day money back guarantee

The Hockey IntelliGym was adopted successfuly by thousands of athletes since its inception. Results as the above were presented time and again with national level athletes as well as younger competitive players. With such a degree of confidence we are comfortable offering a 60-day money back guarantee on all IntelliGym annual programs.


Skills integral to making shots and avoiding injury – like the ability to divide attention between the puck, the stick, the ice, the other players, and the strategy – are hard to acquire at 13 miles an hour, and are in fact trainable outside the arena.

Gathering information, planning skating paths, recognizing opportunities, and advanced spatial perception are also better burned into the brain before translating into physical play.

“We fully expect the Hockey IntelliGym to become part of the regular training regimen for players at all age levels and abilities.”
Jim Johanson, Assistant Executive Director for hockey operations at USA Hockey
Jim Johannson, Assistant Executive Director of Hockey Operations for USA Hockey