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The Hockey IntelliGym® is proud to partner with the National Women’s Hockey League to bring the Jr. NWHL Affiliates an exclusive promotion on the only downloadable cognitive training program proven to enhance performance, trusted by over 30,000 athletes worldwide. The Hockey IntelliGym® is the official cognitive training program of the NWHL.

The Hockey IntelliGym® is a comprehensive and adaptive cognitive training program for athletes that significantly enhances Hockey IQ and improves on-ice performance by strengthening their cognitive skills including anticipation, awareness, decision making, and focus. Cognitive training is an important tool to use in athlete development in addition to physical, technical, and strategic training. Adding cognitive training to your routine creates smarter and more well-rounded athletes. There has been significant internal and external research done in the field of cognitive training, and while many have not yet adopted the concept, the results show that when used effectively, cognitive training can significantly improve the on-ice performance of athletes and teams.

In 2009, the USA Hockey National Team Development Program integrated the Hockey IntelliGym® with its U17 and U18 teams in the middle of the season. A total of 44 players used the cognitive training platform that winter. As a result, the athletes improved their PPG (Points Per Game) by an average of 42% compared to their pre-IntelliGym® stats. The NTDP went on to win 4 gold medals in a row and a total of 7 since 2009. Thousands of other elite and amateur athletes have trained on the IntelliGym® with similar performance improvements, including current NHLers, college, university, and junior players ranging from 10 and under to over 25. The success of cognitive training with the IntelliGym® has since crossed over into the world of soccer, with elite soccer clubs and development academies across Europe and North America implementing cognitive training with their teams to significantly improve performance.

Adding the Hockey IntelliGym® cognitive training to your training routine is guaranteed to provide the same benefits to you, which are summarized below:

Cognitive Benefits

  • Improved decision-making under pressure

  • Sharpened focus and heightened awareness

  • Increased anticipation and faster reaction time

  • Enhanced divided and peripheral attention

On-Ice Benefits

  • Read the game faster and react to plays quicker

  • Improved open ice movement and more explosive breakouts

  • Recognize and capitalize on odd-man rushes

  • Improved passing, positioning, and communication

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